Advertising Information

Effective February 2011

The Leland Progress is published 52 times annually, with delivery each Thursday. Deadline for content, images and advertising is the prior Monday at noon.

  • Per Column Inch

  • National open rate (agency)
  • Local open rate
  • Churches & non-profit organizations
  • Classified
  • Premium positions

    Flat Rate

  • Front page (18 col inches)


Obituaries are a flat $25 each.

  • Inserts $100 per thousand

Frequency discounts

Insertions must run within 12-month period. Discount will be applied to the final insertion.

  • 4x insertion
  • 10x insertion
  • 15x insertion
  • 25x insertion
  • 40x insertion


The Leland Progress is published as a broadsheet 6–column format. Its regular issues include 8 pages and the final issue of each year may include additional pages to accommodate holiday content and advertising

  • Printing method
  • Page size
  • Width of column

Advertisement creative/content should be provided to the publisher in pdf format., excluding classified advertisements. Basic creative services for layout and design can be provided to any advertiser for $30 per advertisement.
All final advertisements should be sent to with "AD CREATIVE" in the subject line. Deadline for publication in Thursday's paper is the prior Monday by noon.
Proofs of advertising are available upon request and will be sent prior to publication if Monday/noon deadline is met. Approval or changes to the proof will be required within 24 hours.


Advertisers may specify positioning in the follow sections. Placement will be based on a first come, first served basis

  • Front Page – size is set at a horizontal 18 column inches
  • Editorials/Page 2
  • Business/Page 3
  • Recollections/Page 4
  • Faith/Page 5
  • Sports/Page 6
  • Outdoors/Page 7
  • Life/Page 8


The Leland Progress has an established weekly circulation of 950, including subscribers, newsstand sales, and complimentary copies. An annual subscription price is $26.00 for residents in the 387 zip code. For subscribers outside this zip code, the annual subscription price is $30.00. An annual subscription includes 52 regular 8-page issues and one 8+ page issue delivered in December. Newsstand copies are available for 50 cents each.

General Policies & Terms

  • 1. The Leland Progress reserves the right to edit, alter, or refuse any advertisement.
  • 2. Every effort will be made to honor position requests. Failure to meet these requests will not result in adjustments in price, refund, or re-run.
  • 3. Rates and conditions are subject to change with a 30-day notice.
  • 4. All accounts are payable within 30 days. A service charge of 2% will be added to the unpaid balance after 30 days.
  • 5. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Leland Progress and any of its affiliates, businesses, officers, agents and repre sentatives from any loss, damages, interest, fines, penalties, attorney fees or other expenses incurred by The Leland Progress arising out of its publication of any advertisement submitted on behalf of the advertiser or its agent or representative.